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Vijay Kant

Vijay is a Dental Surgeon by Profession. He served as Missionary doctor at Various Mission Hospitals for over 10 years, from 2000 – 2010 across Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Bihar. He is born in Chhattisgarh. At present, he stays at Raxaul, a small town in North Bihar, bordering Nepal.


He received the call to full time ministry in 2010 and has since quit his profession. He joined Haggai Institute as the Regional Director for North India and served till March 2014.


According to the clear guidance from the Lord, he started a new ministry called GIFT in April 2014. GIFT stands for Growth In Faith and Truth. Through this ministry volunteers are raised for reaching out to needy individuals, Churches and Organizations with their God given resources. GIFT is primarily a Volunteer network and has no staff or a bank account for the ministry. GIFT organizes various seminars and training programs like family seminars, youth camps, leadership training, counselling training, organizational development and any other program according to the need. GIFT also facilitates support of needy communities by giving financial, medical, educational and any other required support. At the moment, GIFT has over 300 volunteers and has over 100 Churches and organizations as volunteer partners. The ministry has its presence in India and 14 other countries.


Vijay travels across India and few other countries to preach, teach and mobilize Christians to be blessed by blessing others. His vision is to see Christians empowered in the word of God and walking closely with Lord Jesus Christ and thus serving in His Kingdom work.


Vijay comes from an Upper caste Hindu background and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in the year 2000 at Raxaul, Bihar. After a long search for God and his own identity, which led him to Islam and few god men, he came to the Lord, after seeing the real Christians and their lives. As he puts it, “These people preached the gospel without uttering a word and the word of God spoke to my heart as if a living person was speaking to me”.


Vijay is married to Dr. Vandana, who is a medical doctor with specialization in Public Health. At present, Vandana is working as the Director for Community Health and Development department of Duncan Hospital, Raxaul, Bihar. They have two daughters; Varsha is 19 years old and is in second year MBBS at CMC, Ludhiana and Vallika (Dolly) is 15 years old and has just entered class 11



             GIFT (Growth In Faith & Truth)

Grow in the Word to glow in the world