Speakers Lisa Choudhrie
Lisa Choudhrie


I’ve been asked to share

Something ’bout me,

And that’s got me thinking

What would I be,

if it were not for Jesus?

I have no inkling…


Moulded by Him

Nearly five decades ago

He has known me and loves me

Right from the start,

He knows my every thought

And He knows my heart…


Blessed with a loving family

All boys team, please note,

Sometimes I feel like a warden

But I wouldn’t have it any other way

No, Sir, Nope!


Has been a journey of sorts

These many years

A jigsaw puzzle, it feels

But when I look back,

He’s been there,

Always, for me…


I’ve been doing too much

have gotten burnt out at times,

Now I’m learning how to just be

His daughter and His child…


Love the thrill of a starry sky

The early morning blush

Dawn chorus filling the air

His new mercies fresh

Give me a total rush…


Enjoy pottering in the kitchen,

Sharing food, love and a song,

My boys, sweat, the outdoors,

Our four legged pals

Life passes by too soon,

Today we’re here, tomorrow gone…


Many faults and foibles

Cracked pot, I am

But by His Spirit and His love

I’m an overcomer,

This is where I stand..


Be yourself, God has a plan

Don’t believe the enemy’s lies

Be a history maker for Jesus,

Do great things,

Lead others to the Light.


Lisa Choudhrie