Ranjit Samuel

Ranjith and his family live in Bangalore and are involved in Kids Ministry & Biomedical Engineering Services doing voluntary work among the mission hospitals across India for over 18 years. Ranjith works at Columbia Asia Hospitals as the Head of Operations managing Procurement & Planning for new & existing hospitals & operations of the 11 hospitals spread across the country.  His responsibilities include servicing, troubleshooting, calibration,end user training, configuration, pricing, auditing, post sales support & assist in infrastructure services ( Air Conditioning, civil, electrical, water or space planning ). These are for both new, existing or donated equipments. He provides free consultancy to mission hospitals via email or phone.

His wife Erlynn and daughters Eza & Rosa work along with friends doing Childrens ministry with Sunday School & Vacation Bible School.Our daughters are in 11th & 5th grade and Erlynn manages affairs of the home and Sunday School at Living Hope Community Church, Bangalore.