pranitha smallPranitha is a Senior Consultant for Justice & Hope, a charitable organization that works to rescue women and children from the trauma of sex trafficking and abuse, child sexual abuse and supporting victims of domestic abuse, terminal illness and infanticide. Her expertise is based on decades of leadership and pioneering grassroots work as a social worker fighting the  injustices of modern day slavery, sexual abuse and child protection. She has created novel systems for rehabilitation, advocated for criminal justice reformation and been one of the most consistent champions for the vulnerable in India.

Pranitha is one of the most sought after speakers around matters of justice, social intervention and non-profit leadership both in India and around the world. Her past engagements include corporations such as, Wells Fargo and Cognizant, conferences like the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago and the Lausanne Movement and Generosity Summits.

Her parents were medical missionaries to North & South Karnataka, who have served through the Methodist Church. She grew up on hospital campuses and is familiar with rural and urban Health Missions. She is married to Timothy Vanderputt and has two children, her daughter Diya is 11 years old and son is 5 years old.

Breakout session

Justice and Hope – The challenges and opportunities in serving the invisible population

There is an invisible population of individuals – children and adults who suffer silently from the injustice of being used as objects for the profit and pleasure of others. They are invisible because we either don’t hear about them or pay no attention to them even if we do hear. They live right before our eyes, in the streets, in the back alleys and in the areas where we work – yet they are unseen.

Child trafficking and sexual abuse are a reality of modern life, but what is our response. This breakout session will look at the prevalence, opportunities  and medical response to survivors of trafficking and sexual violence (including Rape and Child Sexual Abuse). It will also deal with the sensitivity, confidentiality and legal implications in treating a survivor of trafficking and sexual violence.

Based on Micah 6:8 and Isaiah 61:1 – 4,  & examples from the field, ‘Justice and Hope’ will cover these issues,  prevalence, the opportunities for involvement in their work and the response to be followed in medical profession that will help survivors overcome their fear and be restored.