Pradeep Ninan

Dr Pradeep Ninan and his family have been based in Madhepura, Bihar, since October 2015. Dr Pradeep works part-time as a consultant with CARE, Bihar, as a part of the Capacity Building team of the Bihar Technical Support Unit. This NGO has been enlisted as a development partner by the Bihar government, in order to help in the effort to reform and develop the government health system. Dr Pradeep’s role has been to work with a team across Bihar to improve the care of newborn babies in the labour rooms and SNCUs at the various district hospitals.

He also works part-time as Deputy Medical Superintendent and consultant Paediatric Surgeon in a small but busy 60-bedded EHA mission hospital in Madhepura, Bihar.In addition to working as a rural surgeon, (a role that sees him performing complex paediatric surgeries, as well as caring for a variety of other sick patients as the need arises, including laparascopic and general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, medicine, orthopaedics, anesthesia, and so on), Dr Pradeep helps provide leadership and strategic direction to the community health and development team. This team works with one of the most marginalised people groups in India, the Musahar Mahadalits, conducting village health clinics, in addition to anti-human trafficking efforts, working with families and children at risk for trafficking, providing support to develop their livelihoods and vocations so as to generate income, disaster mitigation and flood relief work, disaster risk reduction, improving access to government schemes and benefits, Dalit empowerment, community based rehabilitation of people with disabilities and mental diseases, palliative care, advocacy, and so on. Recently, the hospital has started a community college to enable members of this community to acquire skills and better jobs.