jameela georgeDr. Jameela George is the Executive Director of The Centre for Bioethics, India. She received her medical degree from Madurai Medical College; Certificate course in Missions at All Nations Christian College, U.K; Diploma in Community Health at Jamkhed, India; Counselling training at Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore.

With Indian Evangelical Mission she worked for many years as Medical officer in various rural areas in India. After her Masters in International Research Bioethics at Monash University, Australia, she is the Manager for Research & Bioethics and the Member Secretary of EHA Institutional Ethics Committee, which she developed.

Dr. Jameela is in charge of “The Centre for Bioethics” and has developed “Just Med” modules for medical students and doctors and “Foundation for Bioethics” modules for doctors, nurses, AHP, chaplains and admin staff, in Hospitals. Currently she is developing a Post Graduate Diploma in Bioethics.

The Centre for Bioethics (TCB) was founded by 15 institutions as a registered society for this very purpose. Its intent is to improve Healthcare provision in India through Bioethics. It has a trained Bioethicist as its CEO and has facilitated 5 Christian doctors to complete MA in Bioethics.

The Mission is to build a cadre of ethical Healthcare professionals and ethicists who will provide leadership in the field of Bioethics, and a value- based voice in influencing the nation.

TCB networks with like-minded individuals and organizations to address key issues. It plays a key role in sensitizing medical students and graduates regarding Bioethics pertaining to clinical care of patients, in partnership with EMFI. With CMAI, it has developed Bioethics modules to train doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators and chaplains.  An important area of work is to create awareness in church communities about sanctity of life and Dignity of human beings from conception to natural death (respect for human life and anti -abortion).


Breakout session – Case studies in Justice, Righteousness and Ethics

Ethical practice in medicine is a great need today, whether in mission hospitals, government service or private practice. Issues such as end-of-life care, euthanasia, and abortion are increasingly questioning values and bringing up ethical dilemmas in day to day practice. Such issues demand coherent answers based on a firm foundation of ethics and morality. This breakout session will include interactions with students with the help of case-studies and a discussion of the ethical issues involved to help them to gain insights to apply justice & righteousness in their medical practice.

Justice is the quality of being just, right, equitable or morally right – it is being fair. God is a God of justice. Righteousness is defined as “the quality of being morally correct and justifiable”. In other words, it is doing that which is right, for each patient. In the practice of medicine, justice & righteousness complement each other.