Shiloh Bible Quiz 2020- Detailed instructions for joining the Kahoot™ site to begin the quiz. 

Dear Quiz Participant,

Welcome! You are receiving this email as you have registered for the Shiloh 2020 Bible Quiz. This year, the quiz will be for single player participants, and not for teams.  There will be only one final round, without a prior qualifying round. The quiz will be hosted privately on the KAHOOT™ quiz software platform. Two internet enabled devices will be required- preferably a laptop (for question viewing) and a touch-screen phone (for answering). Downloading the KAHOOT™ application onto the phone is not mandatory but can be done if desired. Kindly ensure that you have a fast internet connection or else the questions may not load fast enough.

Please note your nickname carefully and ensure that you enter exact name into the KAHOOT™ program to correctly identify you. Please find example screenshots of the registration screen as they will appear on your phone and laptop.

1. Go to on your phone

2. Look at the laptop screen to find the game pin for the quiz (an example is shown here)

A picture containing background pattern Description automatically generated

3. Enter the game pin exactly as it appears on your laptop screen

Wait your phone connect to the quiz.

4. Next, enter your nickname carefully (exactly as you did at quiz registration). An example is shown here



5. Your name will appear on the laptop screen (it may be difficult to spot if there are many others). 

A picture containing graphical user interface Description automatically generated

However, your phone will also confirm you that you are in.

Congratulations! Now, sit back and wait for the Quiz to start!