Bethesda Leprosy Hospital

September 8, 2021
Bethesda Leprosy Hospital
Bethesda Leprosy Hospital
BLH has a special burden among Leprosy and HIV affected patients in the East and West Godavari districts. The hospital is nearly a century old. What initially started on a spiritual foundation as a 9 bedded leper home, has now grown to an 88 bedded hospital catering to the needs of HIV/AIDS, leprosy and general patients as well. In addition the hospital runs three orphanages for HIV and Leprosy afflicted children or children of such parents. There is also an aided upper primary school that is one of the first of its kind in the state. Leprosy patients, who are deformed and unable to work, need Christ’s love and care. The incidence of leprosy has come down [in recent] years; however, the victims affected by this disease have to continue living. The social stigma has not reduced. Our support to them is a testimony that the living God cares for them and has not forsaken them. Patients coming for medical care are not charged any fees for most of the services and those admitted are fed and cared for during their stay at hospital with no charge. Although we have a very active medical side, and hospital, it was the vision of our founders that the gospel and love of Christ would remain as the main focus of our ministry. Every patient who enters Bethesda receives the Gospel in some form or the other. The Gospel is spread to those in the wards through radio broadcasts. A very dear project of Bethesda is the Home Based Care Project for HIV/AIDS patients who are below the poverty line. They are given ration for nutritional rehabilitation and encouraged to have a health checkup. There is also a spiritual meeting conducted where the gospel is shared to them. The hospital currently has two junior doctors and 8 nurses working here
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