"Then The Whole Congregation Of The People Of Israel Assembled At Shiloh And Set Up The Tent Of Meeting There". (Joshua 18:1)


Dear Friends,

SHILOH 2023 is here! So, block your dates – it starts from the evening of 28th September (Thursday) to the forenoon of October 1st (Sunday).

This 16th edition of SHILOH 2023 will give you a glimpse of the health care needs; the work being done and will challenge you with the opportunities available to make a difference in India.  

Plenary: The theme which has evolved for this year is “Overcomers…. more than conquerors” based on Romans 8:37. This theme has been prayerfully chosen keeping in mind the challenges in the life of students, the challenges faced in mission hospital and the challenges in the life of a Christian. Dr Muralidar K and Mr Philip Cherian, our speakers for the plenary sessions, will be expounding on the theme on all the three days. These sessions will end with a quiet time or a hymn which will help you to deeply reflect on the theme.

The Group discussions will enable you to interact with your peers and the faculty as you discuss and process the learnings together during this dedicated time.

Mission presentations: Come, listen to the stories of Christian Medical Missions from people who have lived out their faith and transformed lives and societies. You could interact with these faculty personally during the conference and be challenged and discover God’s calling for you. Various missionary organisations in India will also share their perspectives and opportunities.

The breakout sessions are planned around the theme and would help you to overcome the various challenges you are facing in life with practical solutions with Christ as the centre. They will also equip you to live pure lives, share the good news and to defend your beliefs.  The subtitles of the breakout sessions are as follows:

  1. How to overcome temptations and addictions?
  2. How to overcome fear and anxiety?
  3. How to overcome doubt and unbelief?
  4. How to overcome failures and setback?
  5. How to overcome isolation and loneliness?
  6. How to overcome shame and guilt?

There is an exciting Bible quiz during the conference and the portion for this year is from the book of Acts to the book of Philemon which will focus on the life and writings of Paul, the apostle. The questions will be based on the New King James Version. So read the Word and prepare to participate in the quiz.

Enjoy the music evening which is being brought together by Dr Benny Prasad and team, who will enable us to understand God’s call for our life through music and singing.

The John Scudder Oration will challenge you with stories from a couple who obeyed the Lord in serving throughout their lifetime in a mission field in India.

There are exclusive Q & A sessions scheduled on each day to help answer the burning questions of life from the delegates, which will be answered by the experts with the help of God’s word and His Spirit.

The Christian Medical College, Vellore was established by Dr Ida Scudder, the granddaughter of Dr John Scudder, the first Medical Missionary to India. She obeyed the Lord’s call on her life, after she experienced the helplessness of seeing 3 young women die for lack of a qualified woman obstetrician. She overcame many challenges to be a successful servant of God. As we give our 5 loaves and a few fishes, like the boy who gave all that he had, the Lord is able to bless and make it abound. The existence of CMC Vellore as a witness to the healing ministry of Christ for over a century demonstrates God’s faithfulness to Dr Ida Scudder`s obedience and to that of many faithful stewards who followed.

How are we going to respond to the health needs of our country? Do we know the Lords call for our life? Yes, there are challenges, but our Lord said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.

Come, be part of Shiloh 2023, be challenged, be equipped, and go forth as overcomers, as conquerors and as more than conquerors. As it says in Romans 8:37, this is possible through Christ and Christ alone. “He who has called you is faithful, and He will do it” – 1 Thessalonians 5:24


Barney Isaac - Coordinator
Naveen Cherian Thomas, Lenny Vasantham, Abi Manesh and Esther Kanthi  - Co-coordinators