Welcome to Shiloh 2022

“Then The Whole Congregation Of The People Of Israel Assembled At Shiloh And Set Up The Tent Of Meeting There”. (Joshua 18:1)


Not to be Served but to Serve ...

Dear Friends,

SHILOH 2022 is here ! Yes, in person, and in the hybrid mode! 

The 15th edition of SHILOH 2022 will give you a glimpse of the health care needs, the work being done and will challenge you with the opportunities available to make a difference in India.  

 Our theme for this year is “Not to be served, but to Serve” based on Mark 10:45. Mohan Patnaik and Cijoy Kuriakose, our speakers for the plenary sessions, will be expounding on the theme. Learn from your peers and the faculty as you discuss and process the learnings together during the group discussions.  

Come listen to the stories of Christian Medical Missions from people who have lived out their faith and transformed lives and societies. The breakout sessions would give you opportunities to meet with them. We also have breakout sessions to equip you to live pure lives, share the good news and to defend your beliefs.  

 The Bible quiz for this year is on the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts. So read the Word and prepare to participate as teams(onsite) or as individuals( online). Enjoy praising God together with the Sishya team as they lead the Music night. The John Scudder Oration will challenge you with stories from a couple who obeyed the Lord in serving through their lifetime in medical missions in India and Africa.  

  Christian Medical College, Vellore was established by Dr Ida Scudder, the granddaughter of Dr John Scudder, the first Medical Missionary to India. She obeyed the Lord`s call on her life, after she experienced the helplessness of seeing 3 young women die for lack of a qualified woman obstetrician..  

  As we give our 5 loaves and a few fishes, like the boy who gave all that he had, the Lord is able to bless and make it abound. The existence of CMC Vellore as a witness to the healing ministry of Christ for over a century demonstrates God’s faithfulness to Dr Ida Scudder`s obedience and to that of many faithful stewards who followed 

 How are we going to respond to the health needs of our country? Do we know the Lords call on our life? Can we endeavor “not to be served but to serve and give our lives as a ransom for many” to make that difference… 

  Come be part of Shiloh 2022, be equipped, and be part of the transformation.. 

Come let us think, Let’s Explore

Sudha Jasmine - Coordinator
Naveen Cherian, Lenny Vasantham, Deborah Snehalatha - Coordinators