Anil & Shalini Cherian

Anil and Shalini Cherian are both medical doctors and graduates of the Christian Medical College in Vellore from the Batch of 1983 (year of joining). Anil went on to specialize in Paediatrics and Public Health with additional training in Health Economics while Shalini specialized in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

They began their careers serving at the CSI Medak and Coimbatore Diocese respectively and after getting married have served with the Emmanuel Hospital Association for over 20 years. They were both in positions of leadership in EHA – Anil as the Director for Community Health & Development and Shalini as the Coordinator for Reproductive Health & Child Health Services.

In 2014, they responded to God’s call to begin a new mission project in South Sudan, Africa to establish a Medical and Nursing school supported by ICMDA. They currently live and work as independent missionaries in Bor Town on the White Nile River in South Sudan, where they run the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute that trains clinical officers and midwives.

Both Anil and Shalini are recipients of the CMC Alumni “College Motto” award 2012 and in 2016 Anil was awarded the ICMDA “Dignity and Right to Health award”. They are blessed with two sons Ajay (25) and Rohan (21) who are both studying in college. CMC Vellore through its mission’s department endorses and supports Anil & Shalini’s the work as one of its centenary projects.

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