How To Future-Proof Your Business

Last weekend, I wanted to watch a movie with my family. My wife was constantly asking me if I booked the tickets. I took my phone out from the pocket, opened the BookMyShow app and booked the tickets in few minutes. As I avoid driving during rush hours, I also booked a cab with couple of more clicks. Weekend is also when we need to stock up the grocery. So, opened the BigBasket app and ordered regular household stuff in less than 10 minutes.

What seems to be a normal behaviour today was not even a distant dream just 2 yrs back. Things have changed dramatically and it not only affected my behaviour as a customer, it caused an significant impact on the businesses as well.

Lot of business had to either change the way they work or shut down due to these fast changing environment. This brings us to an important question – Can we future proof our business? Can we increase the chances of business survival?

We can’t predict the future but we can definitely prepare our business to face unforeseen challenges. Here is a list of 8 strategies that can help you to future proof your business.

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