“Then the whole congregation of the people of Israel assembled at Shiloh and set up the tent of meeting there”. (Joshua 18:1)

Dear Friends,

Welcome to virtual Shiloh 2020, a place of meeting with God!


An annual event in it’s 13th year, Shiloh gives students in health-related fields an opportunity to get a vision of the whole breadth of Christian medical missions thereby mentoring, inspiring and challenging them to fulfil their role in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Our theme for this year is “Salt & Light” based on Matthew 5:13-14. Prabhu Singh and Natchi Lazarus our speakers for the plenary sessions will be expounding on the theme.

In addition, we have life sessions which illustrate the theme in the context of practical living. You also can meet and listen to the stories of many who have made the choice to be salt & light in their respective places and situations.

Make sure you do not miss the exciting Bible quiz and plenty of Q & A sessions with all our resource people.

CMC Vellore is the fruit of God’s grace working through over a hundred years starting with the labours of Rev. John Scudder in this region followed by that of our founder, Ida Scudder and then by generations of faithful stewards.

In these present uncertain times, we are assured of God’s continued presence with each one of us. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, this being  the 150th birth Anniversary of Aunt Ida we recall these commissioning words from her first graduation speech of 1922 –

“You will not only be curing diseases, but will also be battling with epidemics, plagues and pestilences and preventing them”

God wants you and me to be salt & light in the world.

We look forward to connecting virtually.

Come and Be Blessed!

Jesu Krupa – Coordinator 

Patricia Sebastian – Co-coordinator

 Shiloh 2020